After spending 35 years producing and directing documentary films for public television and educational distribution Claude Beller focused his creative talents to photography. Inspired by photographers such as Bruce Davidson, Helen Levitt, Richard Sandler and Garry Winogrand Claude began shooting in the streets and subway of New York City. His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States and was recently chosen as one of 10 photographers to win the “Feature Shoot” International Street Photography Awards.  



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147 West 79th Street, Apt. 11B New York, NY  10024

Artist Statement

Aslong as I can remember I was drawn to the streets of New York City with itsvariety and richness of people andplaces.  So I naturally gravitated into the genre of the “street”. I was inspiredby photographers such as Bruce Davidson, Helen Levitt, Richard Sandler and GarryWinogrand.

When I walk the streetsand come across a subject or situation that inspires me to take the photo I lookfor the vantage point and compose the shot in a very short period of time.  This can be challenging and many times I missit  but when I “get the shot” I have thismomentary feeling of excitement.  Itmakes all the hours of walking and looking worth the effort.

The subjects I shoothave a special quality that sets them apart. It could be the face itselfwhich may reveal pain,  joy orloneliness,  the style of clothes, atattoo or their environment.   I look forpeople caught up in their own thoughts, the juxtaposition of diverse facesin the streets, an authenticity of expression, or a truthful moment thatconveys to the viewer an honesty of character and life situation.  One of the things I like about photography isthat it portrays the range of human conditions and I can have an emotionalconnection or empathic feeling with and for my subjects.  

My photos are shot inblack & white.  I feel that thenuances of tonality strengthen and support the subject in the photo,  the composition,  and the mood. I also feel it conveys a more formal and serious look with an intensitythat creates emotion.   

I try and get out each day even for an hour orso to observe what is around me and look for those moments that capture thesoul of New York.

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